2021 Queensland Surf Life Saving

Club of the Year

What is nippers?

Nippers, also known as junior activities, is a fun and safe way to introduce young children aged between seven and thirteen to the ocean environment. It’s a great way to help kids become confident in the water, stay fit and healthy and learn skills that could one day save a life.

Not only will your child meet new friends and learn new skills, but they will also become part of an iconic organisation that has served the Australian community for over 100 years.

Nippers is focussed on play, participation and fun. It offers an educational pathway to become a knowledgeable participant in both lifesaving and sport. This is delivered through the Junior Development Resource Kit which is designed to ensure children enjoy the beach environment while participating in lessons that will develop them.

How to become a nipper

Nippers is open to children aged from seven years old up to thirteen (age for a season is calculated as of midnight 30 September). Nippers isn’t just for the littlies, parents and guardians are encouraged to take up a supporting role, such as Age Manager or water safety, to support their child’s involvement.

Before the start of the nippers’ season, each child is required to complete a Preliminary Skills Assessment designed to ensure they can demonstrate a standard of competence in an aquatic environment. All nippers must have completed a pool swim competency before they are able to participate in any nipper activities.

If you’re interested in learning more about nippers or signing up, please contact the Club.

Before registering

Before registering your child for Nippers, please take a minute to consider these very important points:

  • Can your child swim?
  • Is your child happy in the beach environment?
  • Is your child confident to enter the water without you?

Nippers is not a swimming skills program. For the safety of all children and program volunteers, there is an expectation that all participants will complete a Junior Preliminary Skills Evaluation prior to commencing the program. Your child will enjoy the benefits of Nippers a lot more if they can swim and are confident in the water.

The Junior Preliminary Skills Evaluation is to be undertaken by each participant annually. The Skills Evaluation comprises of a pool swim, survival float and a beach evaluation. For children wanting to be involved in surf sports competition, an addition Competition Evaluation must also be completed.

When and where is nippers?

Nippers runs from 7.45am until 10.30am every Sunday morning, from September
through to March and takes place on the sand dune near the clubhouse (subject to weather conditions).

What happens at nippers?

Nippers begins with a short meeting on the beach at 7.45am which all parents, guardians and children are required to attend. All nippers should assemble with their age groups and Age Managers at this time.

After the meeting, parents/guardians must sign their child/children in for the morning with their Age Manager/s and then remain at the beach for safety reasons in accordance with SLSA Policy. Once everyone has signed on, the day’s activities begin.

Any child who arrives at sign-on without a parent or guardian present, unfortunately, will not be allowed to participate in nipper activities. No child should be left on the beach unsupervised by a parent or guardian.

Child protection

At Marcoola SLSC, we take the well-being and protection of children very seriously. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our children safe, so if you see or hear of any suspicious activity, it must be reported to the Club or police.

Information about child protection, including our Statement of Commitment and our Child and Youth Protection Strategy, please contact the club.

Nipper information

For further information about nippers please contact the club.